Ericom Connect

Ericom Connect® – Application & Desktop Access for the Enterprise

Hyper–Scalability and Management Simplicity

Ericom Connect is a powerful remote application and desktop access solution. Built on innovative technology and two decades of Ericom’s proven expertise in the access market, Ericom Connect offers enterprise-level organizations unparalleled scalability, superior user experience and exceptional ease of use. With great cost performance, Ericom Connect integrates into existing IT environments, reducing the need for costly infrastructure upgrades.

Experience No Limits

Combining the benefits of advanced Grid technology and robust connection brokering, the cloud-ready Ericom Connect offers high availability, super-scalability and enhanced performance.

Additional Features

bullet iconHyper-Scalability Start as small as you want and grow as needed. One Ericom Connect server can support up to 100,000 concurrent users, eliminating the need for multiple deployments and synch-ups

bullet iconRapid Deployments Clientlessly install on remote target desktops. Rapidly onboard brand offices and remote users across data-centers from a single management console, and flexibly allocate administration privileges and rights as needed

bullet iconHandles Windows and Linux workloads Get the most out of virtualization by deploying applications and desktops from both Windows and Linux

bullet iconMulti-tenant Ready Leverage one scalable installation to deploy, configure and maintain multiple private Ericom Connect tenant environments, for full isolation of resources and management between departments, lines-of-business or external contractors

bullet icon100% Web-based, Client-less Experience Reap the benefit of web-based user access and administrative management from any web browser – without the hassle of plug-ins & patches

bullet iconUnique Business Intelligence From usage tracking and monitoring to simulating user-sessions, take advantage of a wealth of IT operational data

bullet iconEnsure Business Continuity Mitigate productivity interruptions by providing robust, always-on desktop access, from any device, anywhere

bullet iconSupports SAML and Auth for single sign-on (SSO), to integrate with existing identity platforms and connect users directly to the published application or desktop

Advanced Grid Architecture

Ericom Connect uses grid technology to provide high availability, super scalability, and enhanced performance across all management servers / connection brokers. The distributed nature of the grid platform allows for scaling to support thousands of hosting servers and hundreds of thousands of user sessions – in fact, Ericom Connect can manage 100,000 users per management server vs. 1,000 users with Microsoft RD Connection Broker. Moreover, all business logic, state information, and health status is shared across each member of the grid

Centralized Administration and Management

Easy-to-use, web-based administration allows executive & technical staff to control who has access to what, while making sure everyone has access to the parts of the systems, resources and business tools they need in order to do their job on a daily basis.. This allows the IT Administrator to publish Windows applications and desktops as well as Linux desktops, customize the user environment, manage group policies, configure and monitor resource access, closely monitor user behavior and easily identify intruders. Additionally, customizable, delegated administration allows IT to assign rights and privileges to a variety of users in accordance with security profiles and organizational hierarchy, easily and efficiently. Multi-language support for the Administration Console, includes Asian and other languages.

Multi-tenant Ready

Leverage one scalable installation (rather than installing several disparate silos) to deploy multiple private Ericom Connect tenant environments. One installation reduces IT overhead, configuration, and maintenance. Each tenant environment receives a dedicated URL and can manage isolated environments based on line of business, geographical locations, etc.

Easy End-user Access

End users may use several Ericom portal interfaces to sign in to Ericom Connect and launch published resources.
AccessPortal – modernized web-based portal, which provides HTML5 browser-based access.
AccessPad – a native client that displays applications or desktops using server-side configuration settings. This client supports Ericom Blaze acceleration and
non-accelerated mode.

AccessToGo – a native mobile application for iOS and Android operating systems.

Enhanced Security

Provides enterprise-level security measures with comprehensive security features, including real-time intruder monitoring, logging and event recording, Single Sign-On and Kerberos. For an additional layer of security, Ericom Connect integrates with leading SSL VPNs and RADIUS, RSA® SecurID®, SecurEnvoy®SecureAccess and SecurICE two-factor authentication support within Connect’s Windows native client, as well as with special proprietary customer security systems. Additionally, built-in support for SSL / TLS 1.2, enables all connections from the client to the Terminal Servers to be encrypted, making them secure across public networks; other SBC solutions offer a secure server specifically as a stand-alone server only. Moreover, with built in SSL / TLS 1.2 administrators can permit secure connections to servers that do not support SSL connections.

Reporting & Monitoring

Ericom Connect provides powerful built-in tools for tracking, monitoring, measuring and troubleshooting, including rich visual reports and trends, dashboards, alerts, and more. You can log all user and session activity to provide business with a thorough view of how resources are used. Such data is useful for many use cases such as:
Tracking subscription based usage of applications and desktops
Monitor user productivity
Measure system workload and health
Troubleshoot issues (connectivity, assignment, errors, etc.)
End users are seamlessly authenticated into their hosted applications using standard SSO protocols (SAML or oAuth).

Universal Printing

Ericom bundles UniPrint, RDS-based leading printing solution, as part of its product installation and end-user software client. Additionally, Ericom provides the option to integrate with other leading universal printing solutions (e.g., triCerat, Net2Printer and others).

Microsoft Compatible

Ericom Connect integrates with Microsoft’s Active Directory for user authentication. If the network user is disabled, then the Connect server will not allow this user to log into the system.
Windows 10 Ready

File Collaboration with the Ericom Team Client

The Ericom Team client allows multiple users to view and collaborate on files via a single remote session; perfect for remote learning and team projects. Each participant can take control of the live session when they have something to contribute, while others can view the ongoing session in real time.

Single Sign-On (SSO)

End users are seamlessly authenticated into their hosted applications using standard SSO protocols (SAML or oAuth).

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